It is important to have any asbestos in the home removed. There are many dangers associated with the substance, and it can take years to be fatal. If you see any indication that your home has fibres or sheets of it, it’s best to call for a professional removal.

However, this doesn’t cover an important part of this process. Confirming that you do, indeed, have an asbestos problem present.

Now, one thing to remember is that a good asbestos removal company (Perth) also handles asbestos testing Perth. Send in a sample and they’ll check if it’s asbestos. It’s painless and usually quick, but it costs money.

If you’d rather have a good reason to pay for professional testing, that requires effort on your part first. Well, let’s break down the basic steps to tell whether or not an asbestos removal is in your future.

You’ll want to find out when the building was constructed. If at all possible, determine when the most recent renovation or repair work was done, too.

Asbestos saw use in the years 1920 to 1989, though it might have been used as late as the early 90s. Around that time, the hazards became more well-known and it stopped being used in construction. Various agencies also began regulating anything that still used asbestos, rather than an alternative.

If the home was built during those years or has not had a renovation since that period, it would be best to call for testing. There is a high probability that areas like walls, flooring, or various materials might be laced with asbestos.

Another way to check, if the age of the building yields nothing, is disturbed material.

A visual inspection will not help you identify if something has asbestos. What you should do is look for smaller warning signs, finding indications that the materials are degrading. In good condition, asbestos is relatively harmless because it’s not spreading. It’s only when it breaks down that it contaminates.

Disintegrating pipes and insulation are one area to look. In some homes, vinyl flooring and older materials in the building are also areas to check. Finally, look for things like cracks and spots where things are old or breaking down.

Now comes the time to decide whether or not you call for a professional test.

If there are no degrading materials, you can choose not to get one. Asbestos is only a danger once it breaks down and becomes airborne, in general. However, you can still choose to err on the side of safety if the building is old. It’s probably a good precaution to schedule for the future.

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