Asbestos Eaves Removal

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Asbestos Eaves Removal

You might be asking yourself “What do I do if I find asbestos cement sheeting in my home?”

The first thing to do is not to panic. The second thing is to avoid touching the material. Asbestos fibres are the main risk factor, and touching it could cause them to transfer even if the sheeting is intact.

It is advisable to get professionals, rather than conduct DIY asbestos removal.

Beyond those steps, you could take the time to examine for deterioration and damage. If the material is still intact, it is not as much of a risk. The asbestos lining is usually safe if not exposed to the atmosphere.

Asbestos Removal Perth

If, however, the asbestos cement sheeting is already damaged or exposed, contact a professional such as Aware or Asbestos Removal Perth.

If you think that the problem is small enough that you can handle it yourself, here are a few reminders.

Don’t use power tools. While they can make the process go faster, they also cause the sheets to break up and contaminate the air. The same is true for abrasive cutting or sanding tools. Compressed air is also not advisable.

Do not walk on corrugated asbestos, used as roof lining in the old days. These can be brittle, and you risk damaging and falling through if you do.

Do not leave the asbestos anywhere that there is a chance of tampering, damaging, or breaking. In many places, it is illegal to bury asbestos on one’s property and must be properly disposed of in specific locations and facilities.

A DIY asbestos removal tip is to keep the fibres very wet. This process decreases the chances of small fibres releasing into the air as you work.


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