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Identifying asbestos can be difficult. Most people have only some idea of what it looks like, and are not the sort of person going poking through walls to find asbestos cement sheeting. For many, their first exposure is due to renovations or due to DIY asbestos removal.

So how does one identify asbestos or the possibility of it in one’s home?

One method is time. Has the structure been renovated? If this is the case and it was built before 1985, there is a decent chance you’ll need asbestos bags in the future.

Asbestos Removal Perth
Before 1985, asbestos saw use in practically every part of the house. The fibres saw use as insulation and their fire-resistant properties. It was only later that the health hazards became known and the use of it ceased. If the home is old enough and never renovated, it may still have asbestos cement sheeting.

Visually, identifying asbestos compared to modern materials can be challenging. There are small signs to tell the difference physically, but it is best to get an expert’s eye on the matter. Asbestos Removal Perth, Arca, 1stchoice, and Aware are all excellent contractors for this sort of work.

Of course, the best option is to have the home tested. Contractors that know how to remove asbestos also have contacts in facilities that can test for it.

If you are unsure, give us a call. We will take samples and determine if your home has asbestos or not. Once we have the results, we will let you know the result and advise you on what options are available.


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