Meth Lab Cleaning

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Meth Lab Cleaning

Our firm is fully-trained and equipped for the process of cleaning out a meth lab location. We have all of the necessary gear and licenses for the testing, decontamination, and remediation process for any methamphetamine contaminated properties.

Our service is available in Perth, as well as surrounding areas. Call us to handle lab cleaning and testing, along with safety checks. With us on the job, you can rest assured that all possible will be done to make sure the area is meth-free and habitable once more.

If, for one reason or another, you find yourself looking at meth-contaminate property, contact us. Whether you are a landlord, owner, tenant, or even contractor, we are ready to provide high-quality service.

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A meth lab cleaning is something you want to be done fast.

You want it fast because the longer you let it sit, the more danger. We are based in the Perth area, and we can reach any location in our service area within hours.

We also do quick work when it comes to testing, analysis, and inspection of a zone. Finally, we make it a point to work after hours and on weekends as needed, so you’re not left hanging.

You can count on our industry expertise in this area. We have worked our way into being recognised as a reliable, talented firm. We have technicians that handle clandestine methamphetamine lab cleanup and remediation.

We can guarantee you will get technical expertise and discretion. Our testing procedures are comprehensive, and our reports will detail everything you need to know so that you can meet requirements from government bodies and insurance providers.

We also bring expertise to the field.

Our personnel have years of experience between them. This, alongside their training and various skills, means that they know how to handle the situations that come up in this line of work. From hazardous compounds to sealing contaminated areas to after-job documentation, we know what needs to be done.

What, exactly, makes meth so dangerous that you need specialised cleaning services for it?

Meth is a highly addictive stimulant. It’s known by a variety of street names, including ice and chalk. It increases a person’s talkativeness and activity, along with a decrease in appetite. Doses also tend to instil a sense of well-being, a euphoric disconnect from worries and the world.

Meth also tends to get into the brain. It has long-lasting effects and can do lots of harm to the nervous system. The fact that it’s highly addictive doesn’t help make it any safer, either.

Apart from these hazards, meth is also extremely hazardous if not contained properly. It is known to explode if not stored in the right conditions. Meth lab fires are known to cause small explosions, causing harm to anyone nearby.

The production process itself is hazardous. A lab will often have some toxic chemicals or residue of such on multiple surfaces, which carry risks along the lines of chemical burns, disorientation, and more.

It is therefore imperative that if you suspect you have acquired or now own a methamphetamine lab, you should call for our services or those of any professional lab cleaning service immediately.


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