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One thing that DIY asbestos removal can’t do because of sheer scale is re-roofing. In many homes that have asbestos cement sheeting on the roof, the amount of work it would take to remove it all safely and replace it can be staggering. Asbestos re-roofing Perth just isn’t feasible without professional contractors.

For asbestos roof removal Perth, the process can be a bit involved. In general, there is a procedure followed that goes beyond how to remove asbestos.

The first step is always identification. What parts of the roof have asbestos and how much? Corrugated sheets and tiles are the common forms, with the latter being harder to remove.

Asbestos Removal Perth
Once identified, asbestos bags and other safety gear are prepared. There are many little things that can go wrong, so it’s best to have the equipment ready to make sure the removal is safe and limits the chances of fibres contaminating the air.

If you have anything installed on your roof, such as solar panels, those need removing first.

Once the asbestos has been removed carefully and sealed, so they’re no longer a risk, then the asbestos re roofing Perth team can get started on replacing things.

The replacement process is just as involved. The team has to take measurements. We check the structure for its integrity and whether or not it is up to professional standards. If anything is in need of repair, should be done before new tiles or shingles go in.

Of course, the final step involves cleaning up after ourselves and leaving you with a new roof.


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