Why Is It Important To Choose A Licensed Contractor

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Why Is It Important To Choose A Licensed Contractor

Q: Is it important to get a licensed contractor for cheap asbestos removal?

A: Cheap or not, asbestos removal requires the proper licenses. In fact, there are many reasons for you to check the credentials.

Insurance companies will not cover damage and liability if the contractor doesn’t have licenses. Asbestos handling is a delicate matter, and a lack of training can cause serious problems.

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Licenses suggest they have the training in the proper procedures, along with the safety equipment. There are many ways to accidentally contaminate an area. Licensed professionals know how to prevent or minimize the risks.

Amateurs without licenses performing an indoor removal may risk fibres being released. Without proper containment, these will spread and attach to you and your home. Clothing, bedding, carpets, curtains, and more will need to be disposed of.

This scenario is less prevalent with licensed professionals, as they undergo rigorous training and certification. Even in the event of a mishap, insurance coverage will provide protection from liability and give you more peace of mind. Necessary repairs and decontamination are covered.

To illustrate, let us give you an image of the scale.

From one household with asbestos, it is possible to contaminate an entire block. All of this from a few broken sheets and the right conditions. Most of this comes from amateurs or DIY attempts to remove the material, or demolition and renovation crews failing to identify it beforehand.

It is therefore imperative to get licensed, reliable asbestos removal companies on the job. While there is no law preventing you from attempting DIY, it is highly inadvisable in this situation.

Q: How do I check if a company has the right licenses for cheap asbestos removal?

A: The Department of Commerce lists all licensed removal providers and contractors. Start from there, rather than relying on the claims of a website or company.


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