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DIY asbestos removal is an option. However, if you decide to get your asbestos bags and clear your home out yourself, you need to know about the legal limitations of what you’re about to do. Whether you deal with asbestos cement sheeting or just chunks of fibres, you need to be within legal limits.

First, it is illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic skip bins. There are specialised containers that you need to use.

You may be legally required to dispose of asbestos in an accredited, licensed facility. Some recycling centres can do this as well, but this is rare.

No one has a legal allowance to reuse asbestos fibres or materials.

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In many areas, it is illegal to use power tools to break up asbestos or remove it. The use of these tools causes the fibres to spread and contaminate the air, making them a greater risk over a larger area. In a similar manner, it is illegal to water blast asbestos cement sheeting.

If you are not a licensed removalist, you are not allowed to remove more than ten square meters of asbestos from your home or location.

For reference, ten square meters is about the size of a typical bedroom or small bathroom.

It is illegal to bury asbestos on your property – or anyone else’s.

All licensed contractors must present a copy of their license if you decide to call their credentials to question. Make sure that if you hire someone from Asbestos Removal Perth, Arca, or any other licensed asbestos removal contractor, check the license to see if it is current.

Finally, check with your local authorities. They may have specific regulations in place or have a facility ready to dispose of asbestos cement sheeting.


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