How Do I Get Cheap Removal

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How Do I Get Cheap Removal

Q: Can I get a lower asbestos removal cost?

A: Yes, you can.

You need to send our contractors a photo of the work area. This saves time, eliminating the need for a more intensive inspection. Fewer hours spent working on your task, the more you cut away from the overall cost.

If you’ve removed some asbestos yourself, place the material in a pile on a pallet or wooden planks. Be sure to keep it contained and away from potential damage. This also reduces the price, though you’ll still get hit with full price for proper disposal.

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Q: What are my alternatives to removal?

A: If the sheets are undamaged – confirm this with a professional first – and in good condition, sealing it with a coat of paint can work. Painting the sheet eliminates the risk, but it is advisable to seal the area as well.

Q: If I ask you for a quote, how long will it take before you respond?

A: Provided you sent us the quote during our office hours, you can expect a response in ten minutes. This is true whether or not you send pictures of the work area. We will simply provide a quote based on the information provided compared to our standard prices.

Q: What other factors can increase or decrease the cost?

A: The price will vary based mostly on the size of the property. The more ground the crew has to cover during the removal, the more asbestos there will be to remove. This means higher costs for you.

Elevated or sloped blocks can be hazards, and these will also increase costs accordingly.

Finally, any trees or fending close to the target areas may also make prices go higher. These tend to be difficult to remove, but still necessary to deal with during the process. If an obstacle can’t be moved, such as a neighbouring house, that will also increase the costs significantly.


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