Transport Disposal

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Transport Disposal

If you have decided to go the DIY asbestos removal route, you need to know more than how to remove it. The next step is containment and transport, so you can properly dispose of it.

Burying it in the ground is illegal, so that means you need to know how to remove asbestos and then transport it safely. You also need to have an idea of where to bring what you’ve removed from your home.

Regarding legal requirements, any amount of the material that goes above 250kg must have a commercial license and hold the environmental authority to do so. In other words, if you have a big house, you need to call professional contractors.

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If you have less than 250kg, you can transport it yourself.

You do not require approval for that small amount, but there are legal guidelines to follow. First, the container is sealed, and the asbestos itself clearly labelled as such. Make sure there is no chance of the bags ripping or tearing in transport.

The material must be brought to a proper disposal facility. Your local council may have these on-hand or may put you in contact with such a facility.

Before you go, be sure to ask what the maximum amount they allow is. Some facilities only allow up to 10kg daily.

You should also know any requirements that the processing centre has. For example, some centres require that the asbestos is wrapped in black plastic or asbestos bags for safety reasons. Others do not ask this, and only require that the asbestos cement sheeting is sealed and marked.

Be sure to know what time of day they accept these loads and how much the processing will cost.


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