Safe Work Procedure

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Safe Work Procedure

If you decide to DIY asbestos removal, here are some safety tips to keep in mind. Follow these, and you minimise the risk of damaging the asbestos cement sheeting and save yourself medical bills in the future.

Obviously, having asbestos bags are essential. These bags are designed to store the materials and are a basic part of how to remove asbestos. Even professional contractors like Arca and 1stchoice use them.

Be sure to clear the area of all debris and furniture. If it isn’t nailed down, get it out of the room before any work is done. If necessary, find a way to seal off the work area so no one can enter.

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Turn off fans, air conditioning, or any ventilation in the work area. Close the windows. Yes, this means the room can be blisteringly hot, but it also prevents asbestos fibres from escaping.

When drilling into a wall that has non-friable asbestos, be cautious. Use a hand drill or one that runs on a low-speed battery.

Keep disposable cleaning rags available at all times, along with a bucket of water or a misting spray bottle. Wet asbestos is less liable to spread fibres.

Use a P1 or P2 respirator, disposable coveralls, and safety goggles for protection. If you don’t want to use shoe protectors, use shoes you don’t mind losing.

Don’t rely on a commercial vacuum cleaner. Use one designed for asbestos cleaning, which means an H class industrial vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Clean up is important! Keep the respirator on until all clean-up is completed. Don’t remove it, even for a second.

Dispose of all clothing worn properly – that usually means getting rid of it in the same place as the asbestos. Use an asbestos bag to be sure. Clearly, label the bags with warnings.


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