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Using ordinary vacuum cleaners on asbestos is a mistake. DIY asbestos removal enthusiasts often make this error, not realising that they need specialised tools for handling the fibres.

Ordinary vacuums are not able to get all of the fibres. The suction might capture some of it, but most of the material remains.

Some commercially available vacuums have compartments that allow the fibres to spread. Even if they can keep the fibres in, you still need asbestos bags to put the contents into and a place to handle the safe disposal.

Asbestos Removal Perth
In the long run, it is less of a hassle to get a contractor instead. Contractors such as Asbestos Removal Perth, Aware, and 1stchoice use a specialised vacuum cleaner fitted with a suitable HEPA filter to do the job.

Of course, contractors that know how to remove asbestos also do vacuuming for fibres.

Asbestos cement sheeting in walls needs more than just vacuuming.

Roof spaces for commercial or domestic structures require vacuuming. Vacuuming happens before and after the replacement of a roof. Vacuuming happens before as part of the preparation process. The second time is to remove traces of it that the removal might have dislodged or spread.

Industrial factory floors and ceiling beams are also prime areas for asbestos vacuuming. The fibres were used extensively for insulation and may line such areas in older facilities.

Finally, vacuuming can also clean up general dust and other places that may have contaminant from asbestos cement sheeting or fibres.

Specialised vacuums all come with containers that are designed to prevent the material from spreading.


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