Asbestos Id & Removal

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Asbestos Id & Removal

We would like to reiterate that handling asbestos is not safe. There are too many ways that it can go wrong if you don’t use the right equipment. The inexperienced should step away and call professionals if at all possible. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, there are a few things you need to know.

In the Perth area, there are three primary asbestos disposal locations.

When transporting the material to these locations, we suggest the use of skip bins. Sealed bins are suitable for handling asbestos because it minimises the risk of the fibres spreading. Please keep the containers secured and not moving as you drive, to prevent the sheets from breaking up.

Asbestos Removal Perth

Keep in mind that facilities in Perth have their regulations, which may change. Be sure to call them beforehand, so you know what the procedures are and what you need to prepare for. You might also want to check how much weight they process per visit.

For those north of the river, Quinn’s Quarry is your best option. Roughly three hundred meters west of Wanneroo Road, the facility processes packs of thirty at a time. You’ll need to wrap them in black plastic, along with any other containment requirements.

South of the river, go for Kwinana Waste Stream, at the very end of Ratcliffe Road Medina. Thirty sheets per pack are the disposal method there. You’ll need to wrap your sheets up in black plastic. Note that they are closed on Sundays.

The eastern suburbs can be serviced by the Armadale Regional Council, along with Hilbert Road. They have a forklift available, but you’ll need to pack the asbestos in pallets or gluts to use it. You can dispose of up to thirty sheets at a time here.

For the northern suburbs, your options are either Tamala Park (you’ll have to carry the sheets into a bin by hand) or Red Hill (which allows a maximum of twenty sheets per bundle).

South of the river, the Western Metropolitan Regional Council and the City of Rockingham are potential locations.

However, while you do have the option to DIY the disposal, we do not advise this course of action. You have a legal responsibility to make sure that the fibres do not escape during transport, and that means proper containment.

Not hiring professionals to handle the job also means that the removal from the structure is in your own hands. Depending on how much asbestos there is, that may take a great deal of time. During the process, you will need to seal off the affected areas.

Handling asbestos incorrectly also means you are exposing yourself to the dangers. Sheets that are intact are less risky. However, if you find the fibres, that means the air in the room is potentially contaminated.

If the air is contaminated with fibres, a simple vacuuming will not suffice. The industry has standards for this, and the vacuuming equipment that is used is not commercially available. All of these factors combine to make DIY asbestos removal and disposal an unwise proposition.


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