Others Types Of Asbestos

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Others Types Of Asbestos


Whether you hire a professional like Arca or Asbestos Removal Perth, you need first to know that asbestos shows up in more than just roofs. Learning how to remove asbestos involves knowing their locations.

Asbestos saw use as a form of insulation in homes, so anything that could have benefited from it would have been lined with the material. That means you might find asbestos cement sheets in anything from pipes to certain types of flooring.

Here are some of the parts of a home or structure that an inspector would go over when looking for asbestos. If you plan to conduct DIY asbestos removal, you need to check these areas out too.

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Areas that require a lot of insulation may be home to asbestos cement sheets. Pipes, boilers, moisture insulation near gutters, and other areas might be home to the fibres. Electrical wiring insulation also used asbestos in the past.

Because asbestos cement sheets were fire-resistant, it saw common use in fire blankets, curtains, doors, and decorative plaster. Some paint or coatings also contained asbestos, as did acoustical plaster.

Some textile products also contained asbestos. Blankets, threads, and garments might all contain traces of the fibres.

Another place to find it would be asbestos gloves. In some areas, yarns and cords made of the fibres may also be prominent.

Tiles and walls may also have asbestos cement sheets. Siding and roofing, especially shingles, often had the fibres incorporated into the materials. Cement wallboard and siding, along with some types of ceiling tiles and panels contain the substance.

Finally, some types of gaskets and packing materials also contain asbestos. In particular, reinforcing steel and copper containers with asbestos was common practice.


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