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Commercial Service

Asbestos Removal Perth is among the leading contractors for inspecting, removing, and disposing of the problematic material in a commercial setting.

Our team has specialists that can conduct assessments and inspections. Not every building surveyed has asbestos, and most modern structures don’t have a problem. In some older facilities, previous work and renovations have already removed the asbestos cement sheeting.

Once we have confirmation of the problem, we advise that you get our contractors – or other licensed contractors, such as Aware or 1stchoice – to handle the removal. DIY asbestos removal is not advisable in a commercial setting.

Asbestos Removal Perth
When calling for a commercial asbestos removal, here are the key areas of focus.

First is the initial survey. At this stage, it is imperative to find out which areas have asbestos and which areas are contaminated with fibres.

Two areas of focus are thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. In many buildings, these areas used asbestos as a low-cost insulator. Determining where these are and how extensive they are is important.

Ventilation and ducts may also contain asbestos-based materials.

Owners and managers of commercial properties are legally required to undertake the necessary steps to determine and remove all asbestos from their holdings. Hire licensed contractors, rather than just a few hired hands and some asbestos bags should do inspections and removal.

An estimated 1.3 million employees suffer from asbestos exposure due to their work conditions. This problem is especially prevalent in offices in older buildings or the construction industry. It is imperative that any exposure is prevented, to avoid unnecessary medical complications.


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