DIY Risks

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DIY Risks

Here is some simple advice for someone who wants to go DIY asbestos removal: Don’t.

There are many health risks just by being a renovator exposed to asbestos. The miners who found it and the men who installed or worked with it all died, so renovators exposed to asbestos cement sheeting are on the short list for its next victims.

One of the main risks with DIY asbestos removal is the number of diseases associated with exposure.

Asbestosis, pleural plagues, and mesothelioma are all associated with inhalation of the fibres. The more of the substance is inhaled, the more the complications that may arise. While intact asbestos cement sheeting might be less of a risk, it is still not advisable.

Asbestos Removal Perth

If you need asbestos removed from your home, it isn’t enough to get a gas mask and asbestos bag. Call on Asbestos Removal Perth, Aware, Arca, or any other professional group that has the right gear, training, and experience for the job.

Fire is also a risk factor.

Grinders see use in removing asbestos frames. The bolts from these can start a fire.

Asbestos roofing can be brittle. Placing the wrong amount of weight on a fragile point of the structure will send you plummeting through. You are not only exposed to the fibres but also at great risk of injury. Any debris that is below or caused by the fall just makes things worse.

A lack of safety equipment is also a concern. Asbestos bags are not enough, and the material requires a specialised vacuum cleaner.

Finally, asbestos cement sheeting has a tendency to settle when strapped down. Unfortunately, this means that it gets looser as the journey goes on than it was at the start. This looseness can be problematic if the container isn’t sealed, causing sheets and fibres to spread as you drive.


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