Type Of Asbestos Materials

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Sometimes known as AC sheeting, non-friable asbestos saw heavy use for decades. In good condition, they are a minimal risk. As long as they are not disturbed, they are not a danger. In general, friable asbestos – which falls apart when crumbled – is the greater concern.

However, it is still a good idea to know where they might be found. Non-friable asbestos saw common use in nearly everything before the ban. Knowing how to remove asbestos begins with knowing where to find it.

Guttering, gables, and water pipes often have a lining made of non-friable asbestos. This scenario is true for both domestic and industrial structures.

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Homes built before 1985 have roof sheeting and capping made of asbestos. Fences and sheds will also be made of the same material, identifiable by their cement capping instead of metal ones found in later materials.

Asbestos cement sheeting is a common facet of walls from older homes. These would be placed behind the main wall, to provide insulation.

Some flexible building boards and imitation brick cladding are also made of asbestos or may contain asbestos fibres.

Telecommunications pits from before 1985 lined with the fibres are common.

Vinyl tiles also contain asbestos. This situation is most common in Queensland but is not unheard of in Perth or other parts of Australia. These contain a tightly bonded asbestos fibre matrix and are glued directly to the floor.

In some instances, the glue itself contains asbestos.

When spotting asbestos, remember that if it crumbles, it is dangerous. Even non-friable asbestos cement sheeting can deteriorate over time. Professional contractors such as Arca or Asbestos Removal Perth advise that these be treated no differently from friable asbestos.


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