Asbestos removal in WA is a thing many new homeowners fail to consider, in my experience.

I get why it’s not more widespread, though. When you’re having a new home built, you don’t have to worry about asbestos removal. You’d have to be dealing with some very shady, very suspect builders if you’re worried about that.

If you’re buying a new home, asbestos removal Perth isn’t something you’re thinking about because you’re excited. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having your place, of having the home you’ve always wanted.

For most homes, asbestos removal WA doesn’t have to be a consideration. Folks stopped using it in construction after the 80s, after all.

What if you bought a house or building that’s older? If that’s the case, you’ll have to consider getting the place checked out. You might need asbestos removal in WA.

The long and short answer is cancer.

Asbestos used to see a lot of use as a construction material because it was easy to make, lightweight, and excellent insulation. You could keep it cool in the summers and warm in the winters by lining walls and ceilings with the stuff. It was everywhere until they finally figured what was wrong with it.

An adage about things being too good to be true applies here.

Here’re a few quick facts on asbestos and what it can do if you don’t have it removed.

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring material, and it’s got ties to lung disease in humans. Specifically, all known forms of it increase the risk of getting respiratory problems.

There’re three types of lung conditions associated with asbestos exposure.

First,you’ve got scarring. This condition is also known as asbestosis, and it comes from the fibres. They get in the lungs when you breathe, and they tear at lung tissue.

Second, you have pleural disease, which is a condition that affects the lining tissue of the lung’s surface.

Finally, there’s the asbestos-related lung cancer known as mesothelioma. This cancer eats away at your pleura, which is the stuff lining the lungs. It also hits the abdomen.

The more exposed you are to asbestos, the more harm it can do. It’s why people who get asbestos removal for their homes after years of exposure are still at high risk of becoming very sick.

It can take anywhere between a decade to 40 years before you start seeing signs of asbestos-related cancer. If you’re a smoker, the tobacco exposure is going to speed things along and kill you faster.

CT scans or X-rays of the chest are the best way to tell if you’ve got asbestosis or any asbestos-related lung conditions. If you get these and see signs, consider getting asbestos removal for your home. Or ask your boss if you can have it done in the office.

You can get vaccinations for some asbestos-related conditions. You can also stop smoking, treat any lung infections you may have, and use oxygen – that last one’s more of a severe case, but it can help.

Finally, if you think there’s even a trace of the stuff, call for asbestos removal. An inspection will reveal where it is and if there’s a need to clear it out. Better safe than sorry.

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