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    Asbestos Removal Perth WA

If you decided to go DIY asbestos removal, then you need to know where to dispose of them as well. Knowing how to remove asbestos is only the first half of the process.

Since you did it yourself, you may not have access to specialised facilities available to Aware, Arca, Asbestos Removal Perth, or other specialists. Here, we list places where you can leave your asbestos for proper disposal in and around the Perth area.

We recommend checking out the regulations and rules of each site, as they may change. Cost is also likely to change.

If you live north of the river, use Quinn's Quarry.

Located along Hester Avenue and west of Wanneroo Road, this place processes up to thirty packs of asbestos per customer. You need to put the sheets in black plastic beforehand.

If you're south of the river, Kwinana Waste Stream is your best choice. This place is at the end of Ratcliffe Road, and you can move up to thirty sheets per pack. Much like Quinn's, you need to wrap your asbestos cement sheeting in black plastic.

Folks in the Eastern Suburbs should use the Armadale Regional Council. You'll find them along Hilbert Road.

They have a forklift available, and the asbestos must be on gluts or a pallet. You can load up to thirty sheets per bundle.

For people in the Northern Suburbs, you can choose between Tamala Park, Red Hill, or the Balcatta Recycling Center.

The park is 1700 Marmion Avenue and requires the sheets hand-carried into a disposal bin. Red Hill has a forklift available and is at 1094 Toodyay Road. Finally, Balcatta only allows a maximum of three sheets per day and is at 238 Balcatta Road.

Finally, folks south of the river should use the Western Metropolitan Regional Council. You'll find them at the corner of Lemnos and Brockway Road in Shenton Park.

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